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MultiMeta Business Lines

10+ partnership tools with MultiMeta

Financial instruments: from investment partnership to interaction in the metaverse.

Offers to partners
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Benefits of digitalization

MultiMeta Universe

Trade and earn, meet and chat. Digitalize your actions in real time due to the united metaverse functionality.

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Virtual space MultiMeta Universe to interact with each other.

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Virtual reality technologies development and promotion.

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Hedge fund

More than 50 technology companies in the partner asset management portfolio.

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NFT Marketplace

Trade popular NFT tokens inside MultiMeta and get dividend yield.

MultiMeta Key Business Lines

MultiMeta has been using several business and profit vectors in order to provide stable dividend yields to partners since 1998.

MultiMeta Universe Development 2022-2024

Creating single metaverse on Ethereum

Centralized metaverse management for corporations: Decentraland, Star Atlas, Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Horizon Worlds, Ceek VR, Chromia, Meta.

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Profit with MultiMeta

Get income from personal investments. Build a team and become a level 15 leader. Proposals for regional development.

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