Creating a Unique Metaverse

Immerse yourself in the amazing

Create, explore and trade in the first ever unified virtual world, fully owned by its users.

Detailed roadmap
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Metaverse product release

Internal Alpha Development

MultiMeta is currently in internal alpha testing and is developing user-owned land exploration functionality to experience incredible scenes and structures. From daily adventures to popular locations and entire cities created from the community members thoughts of already existing metaverses.

North America

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0.71% profitability

South America

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The United Metaverse MultiMeta Universe Benefits

At the stage of Alpha-version and internal development, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the benefits of combining the metaverses functionality into a single one, as well as a roadmap for improving products.

Road map

Earn at the creation stage

Become a deposit partner, active leader or Meta stakeholder, and get early access to the MultiMeta metaverse while still in development.

Acceptable access price

Get early access to the metaverse for the price of 1 Meta, as well as access to the NFT marketplace depending on the leader status.

Bonus program

Become a leader and build a team. Earn on referral bonuses, commissions from profits for buying shares and activating new statuses.

Get profit now

At the Alpha and Beta development stages, we offer partners to earn money by selling access rights to the MultiMeta Universe.

Meta shares Redemption at Pre-launch

Buy Meta shares now and earn on monetization from your own share growth of the MultiMeta Universe.

Communication with loved ones

Invite partners from all over the world to become a metauniverse member at the Pre-launch for personal communication in an online meeting or your partner to make money on the company's products.

MultiMeta Development Timing

Actual development stage
Next development stage
Expected BETA release date

MultiMeta Universe

Efinity Parachain Slot Confirmed: Now What?
Hong Kong
March 30, 2021
The subsidiary MultiMetaVerse HK Limited Registration as the Multimeta Universe project basis
Crowdloan Update: Efinity Enters Batch 2
January, 2022
Coordinating a single metaverse on Ethereum creation with centralized management and access rights for corporations: Decentraland, Star Atlas, Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Horizon Worlds, Ceek VR, Chromia, Meta
Why We Chose to Build Efinity as a Polkadot Blockchain
February, 2023
Testing the MultiMeta Universe product by collaborating with gambling companies with the technological products integration from AMD, Ultra, Oculus VR
All the Ways to Support Efinity with Your DOT
August, 2023
Launching the MultiMeta Universe metaverse functionality with the ability to exchange, sell, transfer goods and services within the metaverse through paid or free NFT transfer using WAX
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