Enjin Gradient Hero
Profitable NFT-Marketplace from MultiMeta Universe

Profitable Authentic NFT Ownership Program

Acquire an avatar ownership and objects in the metaverse by purchasing NFTs linked to yield programs. The NFT purchase is possible both on the internal MultiMeta NFT-MarketPlace with instant linking to medium-income programs, and on external Binance NFT and OpenSea marketplaces with subsequent transfer to profitable programs on the MultiMeta platform at the equivalent case face value. Participate in NFT programs to buy the rights to use an avatar in the various metaverse locations, as well as the rights to use real estate, vehicles, purchase goods and pay for various services: from visiting food facilities to restore energy to visiting a beauty salon, barbershop or sports and creative activities with your personal character in the MultiMeta metaverse.

NFT-Marketplace across 6 locations MultiMeta

Enjin Gradient Prefooter

NFT-Marketplace in development

Earn on case-purchase yield programs or on investment programs with a fixed percentage

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