Financial returns from holding shares in MultiMeta Universe

MultiMeta Shares Program

Use the MultiMeta Shares WMA share buying service to get variable returns from 0.80% per day on share holdings thanks to the metaverse massive expansion. 15-level affiliate program from 5.00% from affiliate income and WMA shares for promotion leaders purchase and up to $1,000,000 financial bonus for regional representatives.

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MultiMeta products and partners
Capitalize on the ever-increasing demand for partnerships in the metaverse

Buy your own WMA share

Earn from 1.00% per day on the metaverse development by becoming a permanent MultiMeta Universe member already with client access purchased in the user's personal account as a profitable case for MultiMeta 1 WMA share.

Buy up to 30'000 MultiMeta WMA shares across 6 localizations and create your own virtual world

Join partners from parallel teams, increase your virtual community size and become the virtual world leader, receiving additional bonuses from $50 to $1,000,000 for each partner rank. The development of the virtual community visual tracking is available in the MultiMeta Universe metaverse product test version according to the roadmap.

Mint avatars
Create breedable tokens

Binding an NFT token to an active case

NFT tokens play an important role in providing personal, community and social experience in the MultiMeta Universe. MultiMeta NFT assets ownership allows like-minded people who own such NFTs to unite in communities whose representatives exchange experiences and develop your personality together in the virtual world. Your virtual identity or so-called avatar is a real or imaginary person who can use purchased cases as access tokens to enter and move between the metaverse different locations. In this case, NFT avatars serve as an addition to your real personality, giving you the freedom to create your virtual image in the metaverse. Owning NFT avatars allows you to virtually become a countless exclusive communities member in the metaverse and the physical world, thereby improving the social experience. Purchase WMA cases in different localizations to open new opportunities according to the the purchased WMA case level in the corresponding localization.

Earn more by increasing your WMA case

Level up your case by purchasing new WMA shares in one of the relevant localizations: North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. Complete all cases levels across 6 locations to ensure maximum returns up to 0.70%-2.30% per day, depending on the compliance of the return interest rate with the value presented in the roadmap for the quarterly reduction in return rates. Activate all non-WMA cases across 6 localizations or achieve MetaMajesty Leadership status and in addition to the standard financial payouts and rewards, receive a combined "NFT UNITED PACK" with the ability to sell on Binance NFT or OpenSea.

Monetize and grow
Tokenize anything

Multifunctional bonus program for executives and promotion leaders

Join friends and active partners as your team members in MultiMeta and, according to the sold profitable WMA shares turnover, receive increased referral rewards, instant financial bonuses, the affiliate program new levels for generating income from WMA shares partner activity. Open access to a multi-level NFT marketplace or get real NFT tokens with active fixed income deposit programs. Check out all the bonus program features in the "Career" tab of your personal account.

How WMA Share (Wrapped Meta Average) is calculated

WMA shares fixed number in the amount of 8.046.949.318 WMA can be traded at the Meta rate relative to the value on the NASDAQ stock exchange and cannot be less than the WMA (Wrapped Meta Average) weighted average rate in the MultiMeta Universe. The WMA share rate value is calculated from the proportionality indicator of the capitalization value of the sold WMA shares with reference to the corresponding share value to the price in the metaverse pool relative to the total capitalization value of the remaining WMA shares for sale at the current Meta rate on the stock market, but not lower than the current WMA value, due to the presence of 6.83% of Meta shares distributed by financial partners to asset management companies and fixed at the rate of 195.58 USD on May 28, 2022.

Buy a profitable WMA share and secure a MultiMeta membership
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Earn on WMA shares

Sign up and buy WMA shares to ensure a stable income from storing active WMA in one of 6 localizations. Join the leadership program to build structure or open your own branch of the MultiMeta virtual world in your area.

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