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MultiMeta Products

From software development to providing data centers. More than an opportunity to earn money, more functional than an IT company.

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MultiMeta products and partners

MultiMeta partners in terms of venture investments

Large European and American Venture and Private Equity funds involved in different startup development stages.

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Andreessen Horowitz

Projects that focus on games and NFTs, namely: Dapper Labs, Roblox, Open Sea.

Sequoia Capital

Projects related to the social network and game mixture, namely: Gather and RecRoom.

Index Ventures

4 investments in metaverse projects with a focus on streaming platforms.

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Partners multimeta.com

The Metaverse Components

The main products for the Metaverse functioning, which are developed and searched by MultiMeta Universe.

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VR glasses and AR gadgets for interacting with the Metaverse.

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Artificial intelligence

The use of bots that can play a friend for communication role.

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Venture investments

Allow to develop the project in the early stages of development to attract large investments.

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Virtual world projects created using 3D engines.

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Data centers

Cloud storage for metaverse data.

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Attaches each user's data and money to a digital account.

MultiMeta current achievements in development

MultiMeta Partners

MultiMeta Participation in the popular metaverses development


When can I buy NFT from MultiMeta NFT-Marketplace?
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NFT-Marketplace Beta Launch scheduled for September 2022

Is it possible to buy NFT from the MultiMeta collection on other marketplaces?
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You can purchase NFT from the MultiMeta Collection on Binance NFT or OpenSea.

Where is the best place to buy NFT from the MultiMeta collection?
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On the multimeta.com platform, you do not have to pay commissions, while on external marketplaces, the commission can be up to 5% for NFT. When buying NFTs on MultiMeta NFT-Marketplace, we provide 5%-10% cashback to a profitable account for Metaverse clients under the age of 21 and over 65.

When can I test MultiMeta's metaverse product?
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Just in March-May 2023, we will present the MultiMeta Universe Beta version product with the functionality of Online meetings, as well as payment possibility in the metaverse of purchases linked to top NFT marketplaces that sell a huge number of unique and non-interchangeable goods and services.
In May 2024 we will introduce the full metaverse functionality, and in December 2024 the MultiMeta Universe official launch will be announced.

Where can I buy a MultiMeta Universe-compatible headset for traveling through the Metaverse?
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You can buy the first corresponding gadgets in the MultiMeta VR store at the beginning of 2023, and also get them for free if you have active cases with WMA shares.
Also, the MultiMeta metaverse supports headsets from other manufacturers. A headset from MultiMeta will offer the functionality of taste and smell analyzers with a variability of more than 10 smells and more than 30 tastes already in 2023. .

Earn money by promoting MultiMeta Universe products

Take advantage of the income program for partners, as well as the bonus program for the heads of the structure.

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