SEO hint of the day: November 16, 2016: Domain age

A very interesting part of the Google and Bing algorithm is: Domain age. That means the older your domain (website) is the better it is ranked in the results of the search engines.

This is a logical and useful feature: User and visitors will have far more trust in old domains because criminal won’t use a domain for a long time. And the second reason is that the company with an old domain has shown that it is successful on the market.

If you have a new domain, you can not make it old, of course. But this hint should cause that you trust in your own website and company and continue with it even if should – and will – take time until you are sucessful.

Your domain will become older and older every day – the ranking and success of your important keywords in search engines like Google, Bing or Multimeta Directory will improve more and more.

Here you can add your site to Multimeta Directory:

In Multimeta Directory you will get also more visitors and clients if your domain becomes older.

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