Pay per click: how to actually make a profit

You might be thinking about creating an online platform or website but you are not sure yet because you will need to invest some money, lots of time and you are wondering about the return on investment that it will bring.

Stop wondering and focus your efforts on pay per click advertising, the most cost-efficient way to gain visibility on the Internet.

Little History

This relatively modern way of advertising was developed by Bill Cross (founder of and introduced in 1998 during the Californian TED session by Jeffrey Brewer. After this talk, the PPC experienced a huge success with a number of companies looking to increase their notoriety and also thanks to search engines such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter. Today we can find multiple different ways of promoting an ad or link with PPC-based methods:

  • With search engines: bids are put in place on keywords relevant to the target audience
  • With content websites (display ads): prices are fixed and no bids are made

How does it work?

As the name pay per click suggests, it means that only clicks on the advertiser’s ad will trigger a cost and generate money for the publisher. So the publisher will have to rely on the traffic that his website brings. By traffic we mean for example the number of:

  • Clicks
  • Entries and Exists
  • Repeated visitors
  • Pages viewed
  • Visitor’s country
  • Session duration
  • Entries to the database
  • etc.

For those who do not know or who are not sure about this, PPC Services on the display network is a way of advertising on the Internet built on a relationship between an announcer and a publisher. Together, both parties put in place a communication based on the fact that the announcer publishes an ad with a link on the publisher’s website and every time time someone clicks on it, the announcer will pay the publisher according to the terms they agreed upon.

To better understand this, here is a visual explanation of the process:


Why shall I choose this method?

Nowadays the use of PPC keeps on increasing as it offers a win-win deal because each part finds its interest. Indeed the advertiser gets more traffic on his page and the publisher earns money.

It is obviously impossible to work with all sites on the Internet; it’s always about which sites fit best your targeting criteria. Work with companies and websites that you think will have an audience that might be interested on the product or service you offer. Build the best strategy that you think will make you earn money and have a lasting collaboration with your partners.


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