Online Business Directory: A Brief Overview

The underlying concept of a business directory has been known the world over. However, with time, the term has been modified to incorporate the word ‘online’ at its start. Although the resultant change may not seem such an extensive one to many of us, it is a significant for one those who are well-aware of what they are, the function they serve, and why many businesses, both large and small, pay heed to it.

But before we delve into the technicalities of it, let us discuss what an online business directory is, as well as other information related to it.


What is an Online Business Directory?

For those of you who may not know, an online business directory is a central searchable database of any and all businesses which are listed and characterized based on numerous characteristics (i.e. type of industry and business, location, size etc.)

There are numerous reasons as to why a lot of companies choose to list themselves in an online business directory. The 2 major reasons are;

  1. It is a good SEO strategy as it improves the business’ website ranking, granting it more visibility and improving its ranking in search engine results.
  2. It results in the creation of inbound links to your website, increasing traffic to your website and improving your prospects of generating leads.

Categorization of Businesses

As mentioned above, in order to help businesses maintain relevance and to be easily accessible to prospective customers, online business directories list companies based on certain characteristics. These include:

Type of Industry

An online business directory categorizes all the companies requesting their listing service based on the type of industry they belong to. For e.g., if the business is a motel, it will be listed under the travel and hospitality category to ensure maximum relevance.

Type of Business

All businesses can be broadly categorized into 3 different categories based on what they offer; manufacturing, service, or a combination of both. For e.g., a restaurant will be categorized as a combination of a manufacturing (i.e. prepares meals) and service (i.e. serves food to customers at their table).

Location of the Business

This is done in order to ensure people are only presented with a list of those businesses which operate in their area, or offer their products/services in that area. For e.g., a plumbing company which offers its services in the Manhattan area won’t pop up in the search results of an individual looking for such services in Florida.

Size of the Business

This is yet another consideration which forms the basis of categorizing a service in an online business directory. This helps users filter out the companies based on a number of their preferences (i.e. size of order, turnaround, price etc.)

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