Is directory submission still effective in SEO?

Internet Directories
Internet Directories

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In recent times, people have seen directory submission as a low priority in comparison with other SEO techniques. But backlinks are one of the most important parts and are essential for any website to rank well. However, you should always consider the quality of the links rather than the number. Since the Penguin Update, SEO experts are now inclined to think twice about web directory submissions. These are thought to be spammy but, when done safely, there are a great foundation for your website, providing the dofollow backlinks. In order to make a directory submission safely, you should know what a directory is. Many people still may not know what directories are, so here is answer. Directories are large databases that contain a huge number of websites, segregated based on categories and sub-categories. These include both paid and free directories, some of which accept entire websites and some which only accept single webpages or posts.

Directory Submission & SEO

Basically, directory submission is the process of submitting or listing your website under the relevant sub-category of the directory. In order to draw quality traffic to the website and benefit fully from this directory submission, you have to do so correctly. A directory submission can be made safely by following certain steps, the first and foremost being to submit the website under the correct and most relevant sub-category.

Steps that should not be neglected

  • Search for the list of directories and select one from this
  • Check whether the selected directory is SEO friendly or not
  • Select the relevant category for your website service
  • Complete the website details
  • Confirm submission
  • Confirm submission via e-mail

SEO benefits:

Get quality backlinks: Backlinks are the backbone of the website for the purpose of drawing good traffic and getting a high ranking on the search engine results page. Having an SEO friendly directory is a must for any website and a top priority for any SEO expert. Directory submission is the off-page technique for searching for and obtaining dofollow backlinks.

Exposure: Starting with the directory submission, this provides your website with the relevant exposure in directories under your category, which in turn slowly push it up the rankings in the search results tool.

So now you know how important directory submission in SEO is, as well as the benefits to you if the strategy is implemented correctly.

Here you can add your website to Multimeta Directory

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