Digital Marketing Tips for Start-up Businesses

Guest post from Ramya Kashyap, India:

In the tech age, many businesses have established their base and many are yet to arrive in the market. Some businesses have just started and are striving hard to cope with the market competition. So in order to be in a position to compete with other niche businesses, they must follow the trends of digital age. Digital Marketing has revolutionised and has impacted almost all the business segments, be it financial markets, sales and marketing trends, the information technology, or any segment that comes into your mind. From large businesses to small ones, all have tasted the benefits of Digital Marketing. While it could be just a promotion strategy for big industries, but for start-ups Digital Marketing could be a boon to take business to heights. Let’s know some of the must needed points of the Digital Marketing that will help you explore more strategies.

Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.

  1. Get a website:

Here is the starting. Of course, you need to get a business website now to give it a platform to establish the much-needed base, like any other start-up need. Now website is necessary for all, be it a business, an entrepreneur, a personal brand, or even a NGO. A good website is the interface of communication between your business and the world. You can showcase your services, products, business profile using a website. Design & Build your website with latest trends of 2017

  1. Mobile Friendliness:

This seems to be technical but it’s a fact that 80% people use mobiles to open any website. Mobiles are portable and website could be accessed on it, anywhere, any part of the world. So, you must focus on mobility of your business website. The design, the looks, images, text content, contact forms, click buttons, all should adjust the size mobiles and tabs. It should look clear, readable, and clickable. There should not be any problem while accessing your website on small devices.

  1. Call-to-action:

Call-to-actions are the main design aspects in a website that attracts and invites a user to click on it. It could be a button, text link or any image. For example, a book publication start-up has launched a new book and they want about it to all people who visit their website. This could be done using giving 2-3 lines attractive description, an appealing cover image of the book along with a button labelled ‘Know More’. In this way, if the book attracts the visitor then he/she will definitely click on it, possibly they can buy or order online too. You can also allow them to fill a small form with email, contact number and name to be entered. After collecting their email and contact number you can contact them and ask them if they are interested to know more about buying the book.

  1. Keywords usage:

Here keywords are any words or phrase that someone uses to search for information in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. So your start-up needs to do a research about keywords that users can use to find the services or products that you are offering, or any valuable information your company has. For example someone wants tolling chairs for their office staffs. They will use keywords like ‘rolling chairs for office’, ‘buy rolling chairs for office’ or any keywords like this. So if your business is selling rolling chairs, then you need to mention these keywords in your website in texts, images, product titles and description; and in the other parts of the website like Meta title and description. This technical part could be handled by any digital marketing expert. You just need to understand the importance of keyword usage.

  1. Social Media Pages:

Almost all the businesses have their social media accounts. Your start-up should also have. Create business accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus. Complete it properly, add business descriptions, logo, attractive banners, services, business timings and branch locations, and anything that you think could add more information about your business. These social media platforms are full of people who are always looking for some services, products, offers and business relationships. Having social media accounts increases chances to be found easily more times. Here you can talk to your followers freely without maintaining any office etiquettes, and they’ll engage with you as they also love to talk comfortably. Utilize the perks of social media.

  1. Keywords while posting on social media

Your start-up can increase the chances to be found online by adding the keywords that you researched for your business website. Keywords always attract users no matter in which platform they are used. If you post good content and include keywords, it could also be found on search engines like Google and Bing while someone searches with those keywords. You can also use keywords in usernames, about and description content to get more visibility and easy searchable by users.

  1. Create events or product and service on social media:

Social media is a hub of people where they come when they are relaxed and need to find some enjoyment and excitement. Also many people come here to know more about events being organized, products that are new and likable, services that can benefit them. They come to search these things here because they know they’ll find it easily here in the same platform without navigating here and there again and again. The custom search option makes it easy to find. So if you organize any event for your company, you can add the event on social media, or you can posts related to products and services. It’s not guaranteed that everyone will buy or subscribe, but you can know more about the behaviour of your followers with the likes, comments and shares. That will help you take good decision for your company.

  1. Local listing:

Your start-up must get its space in the local directory websites. Local listing increases your businesses visibility when someone searches four related service in your location. For example, ‘Thai food restaurants in Bangalore’ or ‘interior designers in Bangalore’. So if you offer interior designing services or have a restaurant with Thai food in Bangalore, then you could be found by users when they search in your location. So always list your website in local listing sites like: yellow pages and yelp.

  1. Google my business listing:

Google is the most used search engine, about 70%, across the globe. ‘Google my business’ is a platform where you can register your business for free and get the focus of the users who searches for related information. Google my business is essential for local SEO, it shows your website in Google search with all the needed data like address, phone number, email id, social media links, introduction about your business and location in Google Map. It not only increases your visibility but also increases credibility.

  1. Reach out to audience using forums or groups:

Forums and groups are places that people join for some specific purpose. They post queries which they don’t know or they answer the questions they know about. Sharing and creating more value is the motive of these online forums and groups. To help your business grow, take part in discussions, answer question with relevant answers, ask questions that can increase more interest and engagement. People love to know more about those who are active and perform well in groups and forums. This can give a boost to your business.

  1. Banners using Canva:

Images attract people, is an amazing website where you can create appealing and attractive banners to get more views and generate leads. Banners are helpful to show services, offers, upcoming products, main business categories and many more. Apart from that, you always need images to promote on image submission sites like flickr and pinterest, for posts and profile banners of social Medias like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. Images say more than just words and always attract viewers.

  1. Create polls and surveys to understand market:

Many platforms like Facebook and twitter allows you to create polls and surveys to get judgements from the audience. This is an effective way to know about the preferences and thoughts of people. People vote here freely as there will be no one to verify or enquire them later. So they give it freely and honestly; and that is what you need, true opinion. Polls and surveys best works when you are launching new product or service.

  1. Add blog to website:

Blogs are the most effective way to reach your audience and generate leads. Blogs are the updates that, you think, will be helpful and informational to people. Blogs are written to solve or introduce any strategy, to launch and promote services, events and products, to share ideas, reviews and opinions of any product or service. There are so many things that could be done through blogging. For your start-up you need to write blogs about the services and products that your company offers, how your services can benefit your customers, what are your upcoming products, and many more. This will grow more and more engagement, better for your business.

  1. Follow updates of top blogs:

There will be certain blogs that will be related to your business and can generate more ideas, solve many issues for your business. You need to identify those blogs and keep a constant watch on them to know the latest trends that can affect your business positively.

  1. Follow updates of digital marketing:

Your business will be taking benefits of digital marketing, so it is also necessary to be updated with the latest trends and updates on digital marketing. Who knows which update can introduce new way to promote your start-up. Be updates always.

  1. Submit product to product submission sites:

There are some specific sites that allows product submissions, so if your business is service and product oriented then you can take benefit of these sites and get immense traffic in short span of time. Websites like,,, and many more can have huge traffic and can showcase your product and unique service to the world. Nothing loss here, it’s only profit.


It’s hard to get a good market reputation for the new businesses and start-ups. For them Digital Marketing is the best medium and collection of online channels & strategies. Start-ups can make benefit and boost their business in just few weeks.

It’s not possible for each business to follow these strategies at their own, for that they need to hire a reputed digital marketing agency to apply all the digital marketing strategies on their business to get more clients and fruitful results. 5ines is a leading digital marketing company in Bangalore, which provide end to end digital marketing services from start-ups to corporates. If your business needs to avail digital marketing services then you can get in touch with us now and know more about how we can benefit you from our experiences and expertise.

Also if you know about digital marketing but not able to execute the strategies effectively then you can contact us to get consultation. Our team will correct your strategies and also propose other beneficial strategies.

Author Bio:

Ramya Kashyap is CEO of 5ine Web Solutions Pvt Ltd, Digital Marketing Strategist, Blogger, Passionate in Content Marketing, Brand Junkie

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