7 Proven Ways to Fix a Bad Business Review Online

Article from Bangalore, India:

Your business was doing fairly well and you were kissing the ladder of success but on your way up came one creaky step and you came tumbling right down, struggling to climb back up again. The creaky step was that one bad review from an unhappy customer put up on an online platform that caused all the damage. After all, people listen to people. Word of mouth is still the most influential piece of marketing. You can’t blame them. One bad review can change everyone’s perception of your business. No matter how hard you try to recover, the struggle to climb that ladder again is doubled and you have no idea how to fix this. Fret not; in a world of 7+ billion people, there is no way to please every single soul out there. What is the next best thing to do to salvage the situation? Handle it as tactfully as possible and instead of tumbling down like you did, mend that step and move on to the next.

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Based on the interview, let us tell you exactly what should be done in order to fix that creaky step on your way to sweet success.

  1. Get all the information

Instead of getting disheartened and assuming that the damage is done, sit back and think. Get information about this review. Is it from a customer who has used your product or service? Or is it from someone who isn’t happy with the way your website functions? Get to the bottom of the issue and understand where the customer is coming from. He possible has a genuine concern and you as a business need to pay heed to your customer. Not to forget, customer is the God and there are ways to get the God back on your side!

  1. You need to reply

No matter how pressed you are for words, you need to salvage the situation and that too immediately. By immediately we don’t mean you need to get all anxious and reply with a surrendering tone. You need to be quick to find an answer that empathizes with the customer along with offering the best solution to his/her problem or complaint. Since all online platforms, especially the likes of Facebook and Google have a massive user base, you can’t be wasting time and letting a lot of people see the review and start making preconceived notions about you. Empathize, apologise if need be, provide a solution and if a solution doesn’t work, then a discount or freebee works very well. This makes other readers of the review see your reply and they immediately make a good impression about your quick customer service. You need to show everyone that for you, customer satisfaction is of prime importance and everything else is secondary.

  1. Encourage good reviews

Well, this is a long process but it is helpful for any business like yours in the long run. You need to encourage all your satisfied users and customers to review your product or service online. When many good reviews pour in, the bad one does not have much mettle remaining. People like to go by what the majority says and feels so they always tend to check on good versus bad reviews before proceeding to buy any product/service.

  1. Fix your offerings

If the review is genuine and you are the one that goofed up, then you need to own up to your error and apologise. Moreover, you need to be polite enough in your reply to take more feedback from the customer, asking for how you can improve your product or service. This makes the customer feel very important and he/she is bound to reply with suggestions. You need to follow up with those suggestions and get back to the customer as soon as you can with the changes you made. This will win the customer back and will undoubtedly build a brilliant reputation for your company among others who are reading this review. You are going on to show how important every single customer is to you. Not only you take feedback seriously but also work on it. This is a sure shot recipe of victory for you.

  1. Walk an extra mile

If replying doesn’t work and the customer is still frustrated, do something more special. After leaving the reply, call up the customer if you have his/her details with you. A human voice can have an even bigger impact than a typed out reply because they know they have a physical person to go back to in case they face issues with your product or service. You can explain to the customer over this call about how unfortunate this situation is and that you wish to make everything alright. There is no way the customer will not change his/her mind. This is one of the best practices in customer service and only if you go an extra mile will you earn brownie points!

  1. Ask them to change their review

Once you have done your bit to get the customer on your side, you can subtly ask him/her to edit the review or reply to the review on a positive note. They can either remove the negative review or follow up with a positive one mentioning how you resolved his/her problem. This is important and needs to be done after the issue has been resolved at both the ends.

  1. If you can’t fix it, accept it

Never ever make false promises to your customer. If the review is genuine and your product/service has been disappointing, do not reply with a solution that is not possible. This will further aggravate the customer and you will end up doing more damage than good. If you know something can’t be fixed, simply apologise with a small promise to better your products and services in the future. As mentioned before, offer the customer discounts and freebees in such a case.

So, every time you think your company is in a fix, stop fretting, take a deep breath and follow these simple steps to undo the damage. There is always a solution to any hindrance that comes in the way of your business. There will always be bad reviews and angry customers. This in no way means that your business is taking a nosedive and vanishing. Look for practical solutions and everything is achievable. Remember, your brand name is only as good as your reputation! Look for online reputation management consultant who can help you fix the damage.

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